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Introducing 'Other Things With Views'...

Introducing 'Other Things With Views'...

From Pizza Huts to picnic tables, swimming pools to llamas, it’s a pleasure to introduce Other Things With Views. Here are TEN TO GET STARTED…

1. A Pizza Hut

In Giza, Egypt, your meat special comes with a view of the Pyramids AND The Great Sphinx. Amazing! Downstairs, fried chicken at KFC comes with a similar view.

2. Mount Fuji while bathing

There’s a bath with a view of this most iconic landmark at the Konansou Hotel, Kawaguchiko, Japan. The hotel also has public, communal baths - known in Japan as ’onsen’ - with views of Fuji.

Image:  Chris Robinson .

3. Mission Dolores Park

No wonder Mission Dolores Park in San Francisco is so popular. It has amazing views of the city…

…and a pissoir to die for…

Image: Darren Heiber.

Image: Darren Heiber.

4. Incredible walkway in Vietnam

Visitors walk through the hands of a mountain God as they take in the extraordinary view from this bridge, near Da Nang, Vietnam. The 150m long walkway, known as Golden Bridge, opened in June 2018.

5. Talking of amazing walkways…

The Devil’s Throat viewing platform in Brazil is literally on the edge of the spectacular Iguazu Falls.

Image:  Linda De Volder .

This is what the falls, located between Brazil and Argentina, look like from a drone. The footage also includes another glimpse of the viewing platform:

6. Swimming Pool

Congratulations to the Popa Mountain Resort in Myanmar for having what might just be the best infinity pool view on Earth. Swimmers get a clear sight of the beautiful Taung Kalat monastery, which is built on top of a sheer-sided ’volcanic plug’.

Image:  L. Bonastre .

Image: L. Bonastre.

This is what the view might look like at sunset:

Image:  Brian Snelson .

7. ‘Monks with a view’

Okay, so this might be pushing the concept. Nevertheless, here are monks playing traditional Buddhist long horns on the roof of the Thiksey Monastery in Ladakh, India. The horns are used in Buddhist ceremonies and the sound is said to resemble elephants singing.

Image:  Bob Witlox .

Image: Bob Witlox.

The monastery is also home to one of the world’s best urinal views:

As seen in Good Loo Hunting, By Luke Barclay (Virgin Books). Photograph Sourav Basu.

As seen in Good Loo Hunting, By Luke Barclay (Virgin Books). Photograph Sourav Basu.

8. A llama visits Macchu Picchu

There are something like 7 Million llamas in South America. Sooner or later, this was bound to happen…

9. Picnic Table

This could well be the world’s ultimate picnic table. It’s located at the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, United States.

Image: courtesy of  Grand Canyon National Park .

Image: courtesy of Grand Canyon National Park.

10. Welcome to Rio!

Finally, does it get any better than seeing the iconic Statue of Christ the Redeemer from a plane?

Image:  Yvon Maurice .

Image: Yvon Maurice.

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World's highest treehouse has toilet view

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